I like to design and build things. Sometimes I write about my process.

I enjoy creating and making cool products happen, this passion has taken me through a lot of different industries and job descriptions. I've worked since I was 14 years old, I mainly worked in retail until I turned 18. At that time I got a internship in Fullsteam Records. I was organizing music shows in Helsinki and I enjoyed the hectic nature of event production. After my internship I went to school in Haaga-Helia and majored in software engineering. During my time in school I started my own company, Nifty Tree Studios, to allow me to work on interesing projects while also working full time on other companies.

In software engineering, I've worked in quality assurance since 2017. Starting with my first internship at a company called Zapflow. I did manual testing and bug fixes on the product. Next I moved into Basemark, where I currently work. Working on quality assurance on graphics experts is a great and inspiring atmosphere and I have truly felt at home here. I've gotten a lot of opportunities to take ownership on the testing pipelines while also helping on UX & UI designs and front end code.

In my free time I play games, go climbing and enjoy board games and beers with friends. I always enjoy learning new things and with Nifty Tree Studios I get to build the apps and websites I want.

In the future I want to do some public speaking and more writing.

What do i do

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UX, UI, web, or whatever you can think of, I love to design products.
I love doing iOS and web development.
Public Speaking
I am extremely interested in doing public speaking.
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