Bean Juice (iOS)

A simple coffee brewing mobile app.
Early 2020
Bean Juice - Bean Juice is a simple app for calculating coffee recipes. | Product Hunt
Nifty Tree Studios


Make a beginner friendly app for calculating coffee recipes and discovering new ways to make the perfect cup of coffee. Bridging the gap and making good coffee accessible to everyone.


The user needs to be able to customize the amount of coffee they want to make and how strong they want that coffee. By adding a slider for water amount and counting the coffee ground amount from the selected water amount and a ratio slider, the user has a simple way of discovering new recipes.


I wanted to make iterating and improving as easy as possible, and since I had no need to support older hardware, I decided that I would use SwiftUI. SwiftUI gave all the functionality needed with easy to use components. Writing the code felt easy and intuitive. It's a way of writing iOS applications I definitely enjoyed. I leveraged UserDefaults to keep state between sessions to decrease the initial setup amount.

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